Forex Broker Review – iBex Markets Educational Tools

The educational resources provided to clients by iBex Markets are numerous.

ibex markets reviews

As part of every account plan, clients receive one-on-one training about trading and financial market education.

Additionally, the iBex Markets’ Academy is accessible from their dashboard, comprises an extensive knowledge base, video tutorial and a glossary of financial terms.

Clients have access to in-depth information about financial instruments and cryptocurrencies, as well as trading basics, including trading strategies and technical analysis. Moreover, traders are introduced to fundamental analysis using economic indicators such as interest rates and inflation.

Technical Analysis vs. Fundamental Analysis

To get an overview of what they are, both types of analysis are the main components of thought when it comes to analyzing the financial markets.

Technical analysts begin their analysis by charts, while fundamental analysts start with a company’s financial statements. Fundamental analysts determine the company’s value by looking at its income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement.

it’d be by video or infographic. But given that traders are able to have one-on-one meetings with their broker, this is another good way for the trader to learn more about the market.

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Forex Broker Review – How Effective is IBex Markets’ cTrader

iBex Markets cTrader Trading Platform

cTrader has always been a unique and very powerful versatile platform that most professional traders still use as of today. With iBex Markets, this trading platform comes in a web trader and desktop version as well as a mobile version. cMirror and cAlgo are also included for the application, which allows you to deploy algorithmic trading on your own account.

Their cTrader is designed and made by traders for traders alike. It offers a unique and friendly user-interface that can be customized according to different presets and detachable charts. iBex Markets’ cTrader platform also includes an enhanced charting ability and order management system that allow for a more efficient management of your positions in a volatile market movement.

Other features include:

  • Level II pricing
  • Detachable charts
  • Automated trading through a dedicated platform
  • Next generation user-interface and charting techniques
  • Extensive back testing facilities
  • And more

This platform allows their clients to directly access full range of liquidity from its providers. Just by accessing these providers, clients are ensured to receive the lowest spreads and best price available in the market.

iBexGo App!

This feature from iBex Markets’ cTrader review is very helpful for people who have a busy lifestyle and are always on the go. You can receive push notifications and emails from major events you’re keeping track of. This way you won’t miss a single major market event or volatile movement from the financial market.

ibex markets reviews

Their app can be downloaded for both Apple and Android users. Just by logging in to your account, you’re able to access a complete range of Order Types, advanced Technical Analysis tools, Price Alerts, Trade Statistics, Advanced Order Management Settings, Symbol Watchlists and a variety of settings to customize the platform according to your preferences.

For a more in depth description and features of their mobile version for cTrader, you can visit their webpage at


We rate their cTrader platform a 4 out of 5

The variety of this platform makes it accessible and easy to use for even first time traders. We always advise our traders to compare and analyze different brokers before deciding where to trade. But like with any other Forex or Crypto brokerage, you should be mindful of the risks that come with your profits. Consider the money that you are willing to lose.

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Ibex Markets Review – Live Account to choose from iBex Markets

Ibex Markets has a wide range of live accounts to choose from.

This is to let traders choose an account type that fits their financial aspirations and lifestyle. Of course, certain account types ensure exclusive offers and features the trading website has. So in short, the more access to information, tools, and resources you want to control, the more power you have to make the right moves at the right time.

Account Features and Prices

The six live trading accounts at iBex Markets are designed with different types of investors in mind, and operate in a true ECN marketplace. Based on the size of the opening balance, accounts provide more access to tools, information and resources.

Nevertheless, all account holders are assigned an account manager and receive an introduction to iBex Markets’ trading platform and the tutorial videos. Significantly, all trading accounts feature negative balance protection, ensuring that traders can’t lose more money than is deposited in their trading accounts.

This also includes 24/5 support and a trading suite seminar that are available to all iBex Markets clients respective account types.


 Below is a summary on the following live account they are offering.

(Above is a sample image of their live accounts from their website)

For BASIC 500 Euro

  • Basic Financial Market Education
  • 1 month One-on-One Trading Sessions
  • 0.1 pip
  • 1:100 Maximum Leverage
  • Basic Financial Portfolio Structuring

For BRONZE 5,000 Euros

  • Beginner Financial Market Education
  • 2 month One-on-One Trading Sessions
  • 0.1 pip
  • 1:100 Maximum Leverage
  • Basic Financial Portfolio Structuring

For SILVER 25,000 Euros

  • Intermediate Financial Market Education
  • 3 month One-on-One Trading Sessions
  • 0.1 pip
  • 1:200 Maximum Leverage
  • Extensive Financial Portfolio Structuring

For GOLD 50,000 Euros

  • Advanced Financial Market Education
  • 4 month One-on-One Trading Sessions
  • 0.1 pip
  • 1:400 Maximum Leverage
  • Extensive Financial Portfolio Structuring

For PLATINUM 100,000 Euros

  • Expert Financial Market Education
  • Unlimited One-on-One Trading Sessions
  • 0.1 pip
  • 1:500 Maximum Leverage
  • Extensive Financial Portfolio Structuring

For DIAMOND 150,000 Euros

  • Professional Financial Market Education
  • Unlimited One-on-One Trading Sessions
  • 0.1 pip
  • 1:1000 Maximum Leverage
  • Extensive Financial Portfolio Structuring


Our rating for this forex broker is 4

It’s important to have a wide variety of live accounts to choose from especially when you want a comfortable and feasible starting line for your trading journey. Here we just have an overview of what IBex Markets has to offer for you. We advise fellow traders to study and learn other options as to weigh in the pros and cons of different forex brokers.

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